Urology & Andrology


The unit aims to provide the highest quality and most up to date urologic care to our patients using state of the art technology in the evaluation and management of:

  • Infections of the Genitourinary tract and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Voiding Dysfunction, Urinary Incontinence in both sexes and Nocturnal Enuresis
  • Male Infertility: Microsurgical Variocelectomy, Microscopic Vasovasostomy
  • Sexual Dysfunction, Venous Leak, Curvatures, Lengthening, Prosthesis Implants
  • Pediatric Congenital Anomalies eg. Hyposapadias, Undescended Testicles
  • Prostrate, Renal, Bladder, Testicular, Penile and Urethral Tumours
  • Stones: Endoscopies, Ultrasonic Lithotripsy and Shock Waves (ESWL)


Prof. Dr. Khaled Hafez

Urology & Andrology

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